High Quality Grasp Surfaces

Steffen Graether steffen at protein.biochem.queensu.ca
Fri Dec 11 11:07:12 EST 1998


I'm trying to generate some high quality (ie. ~300 dpi colour) images of 
a grasp surface. The best bet should be using the grasp 
write/postscript/25x dense to make a postscript file. However, 
I've done some b/w tests at 9x dense ps file, and there are two problems. 
One is that there are nine lines between the nine images put together, 
and the image has many dots to make up the shading. Rather coarse for 
such a large file (~70 Mb).

Does anyone have a work around? The authors are aware of the problem but 
do not have a solution.

Many thanks,

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