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Achim Recktenwald achimr at home.com
Mon Dec 14 21:51:39 EST 1998

Another group is bionet.metabolic-reg.
One of the regular posters is Athel Cornish-Bowden who wrote several books
about enzyme kinetics.


Matt Jones wrote in message <753plm$nl2$1 at fremont.ohsu.edu>...
>In article <36745AE8.6A72 at mail.chem.tamu.edu> Ernie Maynard,
>maynard at mail.chem.tamu.edu writes:
>>Is there a good enzyme kinetics news group out there??? I am interseted
>>in allosteric interactions between proteins and the kinetics describing
>>such systems.
>I don't know of any groups specifically devoted to enzyme kinetics. But
>often you can get good responses from "bionet.biophysics" and
>"bionet.molec-model" (there's also some lame off-topic posts on the
>biophysics group, so read critically).
>By the way, despite the name, this group is not an "info" source, per se.
>This is an "information theory" forum. If you knew that already, and are
>interested in applications of information theory to binding interactions,
>I'm sure a few people here including myself would be interested in
>further discussion.
>Matt Jones

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