High Quality Grasp Surfaces

Lothar Esser esser at chop.swmed.edu
Sun Dec 13 14:40:59 EST 1998

Steffen Graether wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to generate some high quality (ie. ~300 dpi colour) images of
> a grasp surface. The best bet should be using the grasp
> write/postscript/25x dense to make a postscript file. However,
> I've done some b/w tests at 9x dense ps file, and there are two problems.
> One is that there are nine lines between the nine images put together,
> and the image has many dots to make up the shading. Rather coarse for
> such a large file (~70 Mb).
> Does anyone have a work around? The authors are aware of the problem but
> do not have a solution.
> Many thanks,
> Steffen
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 Dear Dr. Graether,
   another option (other than postscript) would be to write out a grasp
 file and convert it with E.A. Merritt's program ungrasp to RASTER3D objects
 then render it with the program render at any resolution you want.

 Look at http://www.bmsc.washington.edu/raster3d/examples/examples.html
 (last example).

 Hope this helps.

   Lothar Esser

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