How do I create 300 dpi images?

Flip Hoedemaeker fhoedem at
Wed Jan 7 17:02:53 EST 1998

On 7 Jan 1998, Steffen Graether wrote:

> We've been asked to recreate a paper figure as a 20 cm wide, 300 dpi
> image.  The figure was originally created with Setor, but if we have to we
> can 'convert it' to molscript. When we shrink the pixel image to 300 dpi
> postscript it comes out about 4 cm wide. Obviously we have to increase the
> number of pixels in the image, but I always seem to be unable to do this
> with setor or hit some programme limits (with molscript). Does anyone have
> any suggestion as to how to go about this? 
> Many thanks,
> Steffen

What I normally do is create a figure in Setor, then either capture it
with a program called snapshot (on SGI) or do an RGB window dump. In the
latter case, turn on anti-aliasing (5 passes). You can subsequently
convert the RGB file to postscript with programs like Showcase or XV. 
Both offer pretty good postscript conversion options, Showcase has the
advantage that you can add captions and labels, which is a pain in Setor. 
Make sure that the RGB image has the highest possible resolution to start
with, increasing the number of pixels later is done by interpolating,
which is not the way to go. 

Good luck, Flip

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