Alpha station for a crystallography lab

Alun Ashton awa at
Wed Jan 14 04:08:52 EST 1998

On Tue, 13 Jan 1998, Alexei Botchkarev wrote:

> Hi all: 
> I would like to buy an Alpha station for the X-ray crystallography
> lab, but I never dealed with this mashines. A computer is supposed to run
> O, XPLOR, CCP4 and DENZO. 
> I would appreciate any advice for a reasonable hardware configuration 
> and an operating system. Can I run the above mentioned programs under 
> Linux on Alpha? 
> Thanks. 
> Alexey 
> ---------------------
> Dr.  Alexey Bochkarev, 

in there has recently been some discussion as to
running xplor on linux. I dont know about denzo or O but the majority of
ccp4 programs will work on linux. The difficulty is still with xwin
programs. I have not heard of any specific problems with Alpha/linux
as opposed to PC/linux and I know people are running Alpha/Linux.

For more info on CCP4 on linux see the linux page off the main ccp4 page

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