Postdoctoral Position

Paul Tucker tucker at
Mon Jan 26 06:11:03 EST 1998

A one year postdoctoral  position is available  in the group  to start 
as soon  as possible. The  position  involves  helping the  relocation 
of some of the groups ongoing projects from  EMBL, Heidelberg to EMBL, 
Hamburg and will therefore  necessitate spending  around half the time 
at each site. The  groups interest is primarily  in the  structure and
function  of  proteins  involved in  DNA  replication. The  successful
applicant will have experience in one or  more of the following areas:
cloning of deletion  mutants, expression of  proteins in  bacteria and
insect cells, protein purification and protein crystallization. Salary
is  according  to standard EMBL rates. Applications,including a CV and 
publication list, should  be sent, preferably  by electronic mail, to:
         tucker at
or by snail mail to:
Dr.P.A.Tucker, Structural Biology Programme,EMBL,
Meyerhofstrasse 1,  D-69012 Heidelberg,  Germany.

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