Bugfix Version of Jana98 - Free Single Crystal Software Suite

Lachlan Cranswick l.cranswick at dl.ac.uk
Fri Jan 30 17:38:34 EST 1998

* JANA98, version January 1998 *

This announcement is being sent to everyone who has registered as
user of JANA96 or JANA98.

New version of JANA98 is now available. You can get it from:


These links together with downloading and installation notes are
also accessible from JANA98 WWW home page:


The UNIX version of Jana98 released on January 26 cannot calculate 
  Fourier maps. As this error disallows normal usage of the program 
  we have copied new version to the servers. THE CHANGES AFFECTS ALSO 
  PC VERSION OF JANA. We apologize for the complications. 

What is new:

- removed bug in Fourier maps calculation
- the self extracting archive has been renamed to jana98Pack.exe to tell
  the WWW browsers that it is binary file
- the LINUX compilation does not rely on the utility fsplit, which is 
  not part of the standard LINUX distribution


If you want to remove yourself from this survey and receive no more mail on
this topic, please cancel your registration through the JANA98 WWW page. 

The latest information is available in the JANA98 WWW page.

Please contact the authors if you have any problem with usage or
installation of JANA98.

Best Regards

Vaclav Petricek
Michal Dusek

e-mails: petricek at fzu.cz
         dusek at fzu.cz


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