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Lachlan Cranswick l.cranswick at
Fri Jun 12 21:26:42 EST 1998

Hi All,

Sorry glitch with news software and few typos.

Quickish message that there is a new updated version of the free 
WinGX single crystal suite for MS-Windows, by Louis Farrugia of 
Glasgow University is on the web at:

The June 4th version had a glitch in the GUI based Fourier contour 
map generating program.  For those who have not tried WinGX
before, the GUI Fourier map generator and viewer are one
of the mega highlights of the software.  There is
a very pleasant voyage of discovery by trying out this
software.  This includes a GUI version of Bob vonDreele's
FPRIME program to obtain f' f'' mu/rho and barns/atom for
any wavelength - just by clicking on the relevant atom
in a graphical periodic table.

As it free and can be installed in labs and at home - this software
is a definite must for practical teaching of single crystal solution 
and refinement.  It uses shelx *.ins and *.res files as the
common file format connecting all the publically
available programs together.


Following is message from Louis on this update.


There is a new version of WinGX on my server. The ugly problem with
FOURIER in the 32 bit version should now be solved. Also the INS file
updates the data in memory as soon as it is written by Initialise Files, so you
should have no more problems with absorption corrections at the start
of the job session. Please let me know if it is OK. There have been a few
other changes with the abs corrections (FACES.INS is now called FACES.DEF
and has units in mm rather than cm) and a new absorption correction MULTISCAN is
implemented through PLATON. This is very good if you have a lot of multiple
equivalents or psi-scans. 

ALSO read the readme file for the installation - a few subtle changes. It
appears from conversations with Salford Software that the setting of 
environmentvariables was quite unnecessary, and indeed useless. You 
just have to put SALFLIBC.DLL in the path - this was the cause of the 
inconsistencies. Shouldwork fine now. !! ?

ALSO if a program dies and leaves a message in the status bar, you can now
release this problem by closing down WinGX FROM THE SYSTEM MENU (or black
cross in Win95). You get a message that some program is running. then the
questionabout leaving WinGX - just answer NO and all should be alright  again

Ciao for now   Louis

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