Advanced Training Course

Paul Tucker tucker at
Wed Jun 17 02:45:36 EST 1998

Advanced Training Course on the
 Expression, Purification and Crystallisation of Proteins

       EMBL, Hamburg Outstation, 1 - 12 October, 1998.

The Advanced Training Course, supported by the EU TMR  Access to 
Large Scale Facilities Program ( ERBFMGECT980134 ), will  cover: 
Overexpression of proteins in prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems: 
Protein   purification  and   characterisation:  Crystallisation 
techniques   and   determination  of  crystal  quality.  Further 
information will be available at

           Invited speakers/instructors include:

        Fritz Bueckmann, GBF Braunschweig, Germany
      Charles W. Carter, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
         Naomi Chayen, Imperial College, England
           Allan D'Arcy, Basel, Switzerland
             Glen Dale, Basel, Switzerland
          Mirka Dauter, Brookhaven NL, New York
         Jan Drenth, Groningen, The Netherlands
           Richard Giege, Strasbourg, France
         Jan Christer Jahnsson, Uppsala, Sweden
            Paul Michels, Brussels, Belgium
         Alexander McPherson, Irvin, California
         Galya Obmolova, NIH Bethseda, Maryland
        Lars Holm Oegendal, Copenhagen, Denmark
         Thomas Schneider, Goettingen, Germany
         Reinhard Sterner, Goettingen, Germany
          Wolfram Welte, Konstanz, Germany

Organizers: Eila Cedergren Zeppezauer (Lund University, Sweden), 
Ingeborg Feil, Victor Lamzin, Paul Tucker and Matthias Wilmanns 
(EMBL, Hamburg, Germany)

Applications, including a  CV, a short description of your current 
project and the reasons why acceptance on this course is important  
for  your  project  and  your career should be sent to Course1998, 
EMBL Hamburg, c/o DESY, Notkestrasse , 85, D22603 Hamburg, Germany 
before 31st July 1998. There will be a registration fee of DM200,- 
for successful applicants.

e-mail:	tucker at
Fax:	+49 40 89902149

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