Neutron Diffraction

Harry Powell hrp1000 at
Wed Mar 4 04:47:46 EST 1998

On 3 Mar 1998, Steffen Graether wrote:

> I'm looking at the feasibility of doing neutron diffraction. There's a 
> good article in Methods in Enzymology 276 on theory, but not too much 
> practical information such as crystal size required, where I can apply 
> for time, data collection time and so on. Does anyone know any more 
> source of information?

A good starting point would be on one of the neutron source homepages, e.g.

which has plenty of "first-timer" information (at a low level), but more
importantly, contact names and e-mail addresses; my guess is that you
would want to talk/write to someone like Chick Wilson (ccw at,
say I sent you...) who will be able to give you information that is
relevant to you (even if ISIS isn't the right place for your experiments). 

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