CCP4 Compiling Problem

Steffen Graether steffen at crystal
Fri Mar 27 11:21:20 EST 1998


	We are trying to compile ccp4 under red hat linux 4.1. I've found 
the very helpful webpage, but I think I've run into a (simple?) compiler 

[root at localhost ccp4]# make libdir
cd lib/src; make  libdir=/usr/local/ccp4/lib bindir=/usr/local/ccp4/bin 
FC="f77" CC="gcc" XFFLAGS="-fno-second-underscore" FOPTIM="-O" XLDFLAGS= 
CFLAGS="-O -DG77 -DPROTOTYPE" LNS="ln -s" M4="m4" F=f
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/local/ccp4/lib/src'
rm -rf ccplib.dir; mkdir ccplib.dir
echo '      SUBROUTINE CCPLIB' > ccplib.dir/ccplib.f
echo '      END' >> ccplib.dir/ccplib.f
cd ccplib.dir && fsplit /usr/local/ccp4/lib/src/ccplib.f >/dev/null && rm 
-f ZZZ*.f zzz*.f && \
  for i in `pwd`/*.f; do \
    f77 -c -O -fno-second-underscore $i; done \
    && ar r ../libccp4.a *.o
gcc: language f77 not recognized
gcc: /usr/local/ccp4/lib/src/ccplib.dir/ccfill.f: linker input file 
unused since linking not done

And on and on...

The g77 is version 0.5.18
The gcc is version 2.7
Linux kernel is 2.0.27.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Steffen (full e-mail address is below)

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