Free X-Ray Instruments

Stephanie Tristram-Nagle stn+ at ANDREW.CMU.EDU
Fri Mar 27 10:09:13 EST 1998

Hi.  We are giving away two 1950's vintage X-ray generators.  They are
both in working condition and are both microfocus generators.  One is
a Spectro and the other is a Jarrell-Ash.  They belong to Dr. Roy
Worthington, who is retired from Carnegie Mellon University.  They each use
a water-cooled diffusion pump.  The only requirement is that you remove
them from their location at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.
We must move them out of their present location by May.  If you are
interested, please e-mail to Dr. Tristram-Nagle, stn at
Thanks.  Here are the specs:

	JARRELL-ASH -   36"W x 30"D x 42"H.  The pole stands 11" tall.  The
                        X-rays are generated in a 3x3x3" box that is mounted 
			on top of the pole.  Cat. No. 80-000, Serial No. 19061.
			There is a Parts List, Instruction Manual and
			Instrument Manual.

	SPECTRO -       48"W x 28.5"D x 12"H.  There is a 12" high pole on
			which sits a rectangular box that is 5x2x3.5D".
			There is a full circuit diagram and manual.

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