CCP4 Compiling Problem

Steffen Graether steffen at crystal
Sat Mar 28 06:36:13 EST 1998

Johannes Ullrich (jullrich at wrote:
: maybe you don't have f77 (or g77) installed right? I recommend going through
: the install again. RedHat does not install f77/g77 (or fort77) by default. The
: installation procedure is a bit elaborate but not too bad if you follow the
: instructions religiously.

I installed the compilers using RedHat rpms (distributions that basically 
configure themselves). Anyone know of any problems with using the defaults?

: BTW: most of ccp4 can be compiled using f2c.

I was successful with compiling libdir and datadir, but srcdir choked (I 
have to check into that one).

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