liquid butane

Greg Hill chris at U16.N104.QueensU.CA
Sat Nov 7 19:22:59 EST 1998

I was just wondering if anybody has ever tried to freeze crystals in liquid/solid butane as opposed to
propane?  Propane has a m.p. of -190 celcius.  Butane has a melting point of -140C.  The advantage of
butane is that if one wishes to ship crystals to the synchrotron in a 'dry' nitrogen dewar (ie. a vapor
shipper) which maintains a temperature of -150 C, the butane will still be solid upon arrival at the

Are there any extra hazards when working with butane as opposed to propane?? 

Thanks very much for any help,



p.s.  please reply to chris at for direct responses. 

Chris Hosfield
Queen's University
Kingston, ON

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