Setor-colouring secondary structure

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Tue Nov 10 04:41:11 EST 1998

Hi Steffen,

I've had your specific problem, and I don't think there's a simple
solution. What I've done is load the molecule a number of times (You can
load up to 8 chains) and then use residue editor to select different parts
in different chains. You can then color them independently. I don't know 
any better way, maybe you should ask Steve Evans, the author.
(email: "Stephen V. Evans" <evans at> )

Hope this helps,


On 8 Nov 1998, Steffen Graether wrote:

> Hello,
> I would like to use Setor to generate a figure, but I'm having problems
> with colouring. I would like the protein to be coloured by secondary
> structure (eg. coils as white and helices as green), but on top of that
> I want to be able to select certain stretches of backbone and colour it
> differently (say residues 10-20 as red). However, I seem to be able to
> choose only between colour the spline by secondary structure OR by
> residue number. Short of having to select each stretch of secondary
> structure 'by hand', is there any way to do both? 
> Steffen
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