X-PLOR 98.0 availble for trial download

Mary Donlan med at MSI.COM
Fri Nov 20 07:17:13 EST 1998

Hi all,

X-PLOR 98.0 is now available for a free trial download at:


X-PLOR 98.0 is currently available and X-PLOR 98.1 will soon be
available.  Highlights from these releases include:

<bold>New X-ray structure refinement technology</bold>=20

=B7 Maximum likelihood refinement which improves quality of structures=20

=B7 Anderson Thermal Coupling for better temperature control during
simulated annealing=20

=B7 Support of even larger number of diffraction data formats=20

=B7 Fast and automated bulk solvent scattering correction*=20

=B7 Powerful new multi-stage minimization script incorporating the maximum
likelihood methodology*=20

<bold>New NMR structure refinement technology


=B7 New validated scripts for torsion angle refinement for NMR=20

=B7 Increased productivity through the elimination of the NOE assignment
bottleneck via =B7 =B7 ARIA methodology using ambiguous restraints.=20

=B7 Novel MSI technology for direct NOE refinement=20

=B7 New residual dipolar coupling and projection restraints to improve the
quality of your structures*

<bold>Faster and better engineered processes

</bold>=B7 Fast  multi-processor versions for  SGI

=B7 New minimizer providing better quality  structures than in previous

=B7 Full dynamic memory allocation for atomic co-ordinates and experimental
data *

=B7 Support for all PDB atomic data items*


*Available in X-PLOR 98.1

<bold>Expanded 'Help'=20

</bold>Expanded 'Help' with new online documentation detailing all new
functionality after X-PLOR 3.1.=20

<bold>Extended customer support=20

</bold>Extended customer support through additional in-house X-PLOR 98
development and customer hotline staff.=20

New academic pricing is also available.


New <color><param>ffff,0000,0000</param>Structural Biology=20




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