5 Bioinformatics positions offered

Jan Hansen janhan at cbs.dtu.dk
Tue Sep 1 08:53:19 EST 1998


                   Center for Biological Sequence Analysis

                     The Technical University of Denmark


                     5 PhD-stipend and Postdoc positions

The center wishes to hire individuals with interest and experience
one or several of the following focus areas:


   * Prokaryotic genes (promoter/operon prediction, integration of
   * Construction of DNA Structural Atlases for bacterial and yeast
   * Bacterial chromatin.
   * Computational and experimental analysis of curved DNA.
   * Whole genome analysis and comparison.
   * Intron structure and Evolution.
   * Accelerated evolution in bacteria: molecular mechanisms,
     aspects, and industrial applications.
   * Expression effects on recombinant genes in non-native hosts.


   * Post-translational modification of proteins.
   * Immunological bioinformatics, including MHC- peptide binding
     specificities, specificity of proteasome processing, TAP
   * Protein structure prediction, including beta-sheet pairing,
     pair-potentials and distance matrices.
   * Threading for structure based search for homologous proteins.
   * Development of new sophisticated neural network and hidden Markov
     algorithms for sequence analysis.

The center wishes to have the positions filled as soon as possible.

The center conducts an active research program in biomolecular sequence
structure analysis with emphasis on novel adaptive computational
CBS was started in 1993 and has recently received a new, substantial
year grant from the Danish National Research Foundation covering the
1998-2003. Currently the research staff includes 5 associate professors,
addition to assistant professors, PhD-students, database managers, and
scientific programmers. The center has excellent computing facilities:
optically connected cluster of 25 O2/Indy SGI workstations, a 12
R10000 SGI machine with 2 GB RAM, several other SUN, HP and Apollo
workstations, and other resources from the national computer center. For

further information on CBS, please consult the WWW pages at

The salary level for PhD stipends in Denmark is appr. $ 37,350 per year
in 3
years (incl. pension). For Postdoc positions, depending on your
the salary level ranges from $ 45,950 to $ 52,000 per year in two years
(incl. pension).

Applicants should send a short application, a curriculum vitae, a
list of publications, and a statement of research interests to:

 Center director Soren Brunak, PhD
 Center for Biological Sequence
 Department of Biotechnology, Bld.      Tel: +45 45252477
 208                                    Fax: +45 45931585
 The Technical University of Denmark    Email: brunak at cbs.dtu.dk
 DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark                WWW: www.cbs.dtu.dk

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