Postdoctoral Positions in Macromolecular Crystallography

Bill Furey fureyw at
Tue Sep 1 11:20:46 EST 1998

Candidates are sought to fill several postdoctoral positions in
macromolecular crystallography, at the VA Medical Center
Biocrystallography Laboratory in Pittsburgh, Pa, USA. Several entry
level positions are available as well as one more senior position.
Salary to be dependent on experience. Projects involve the structure
determination and analyses of several proteins and protein-ligand
complexes, and focus on bacterial toxins, thiamin dependent enzymes and
defective digestive enzymes associated with hereditary diseases.
The Biocrystallography laboratory is fully equipped with an area
detector, rotating anode, mirror optics, low temperature hardware, a
protein purification and crystallization laboratory, and a network of
graphics workstations. The laboratory is located in the University of
Pittsburgh's main campus. Applicants should send a CV and information
for two people  from whom reference letters can be obtained to:

                                    Dr. William Furey
                                    Biocrystallography Laboratory
                                    PO Box 12055
                                    VA Medical Center
                                    University Drive C
                                    Pittsburgh, Pa 15240

                                    Tel (412) 683-9718
                                    E-mail:fureyw at

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