spider venom

Christopher Jeffries Ackerson ackerson at leland.Stanford.EDU
Wed Sep 2 10:08:46 EST 1998

Tammy Patton (tpatton at telepath.com) wrote:

: We were thinking that maybe we could get a sample of brown recluse venom and
: have its structure examined before and after being zapped by a stun gun.
: Does this sound completely insane?  Would it be possible?

	If you could get a pure sample, which may be available from a
chemical supply company or biotech (I can look in catalogs if they aren't
available to you,) you could look at both a stun - gunned and not stun
gunned venom in an NMR spctrometer. You're close to OU, and they have NMR
spectrometers there. There's also a nice high field spectrometer that's a
statewide shared facility at OSU in Stillwater, and they'd probably have
to let you use it because of the grants that paid for it.
	Crystallizing the venom and looking at the structure with
xtallography is possible, but harder to do and harder to find x-ray

	Good luck, and let me know if I can help. Looks like fun.

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