Crystallography measurements

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Fri Sep 4 14:09:57 EST 1998

I’m interested in feedback on a utility that I’m working on that I'm hoping
can be used in making crystallographic measurements from micrographs. If you
have a scan of a micrograph, the software calibrates to the photo and then
allows point to point measurements of the features. It can also retrieve
data from any graph or chart, if you don’t have the underlying data, and don
’t want to manually read off points.

It works by importing a picture file (most popular formats accepted) into
Excel 97. The user then defines the scale and data type that is being
grabbed. Data can be linear or logarithmic scale. Charts can be numeric,
date or time oriented. Also, any picture with a scale mark can be calibrated
to measure distances (maps, schematics, micrographs, etc.). The data is
retrieved in real time to the spreadsheet. Multiple data sets can be
retrieved sequentially without starting over.

Do you think that this utility is useful in your work? If not, why? What
features would you like to see so that it would be helpful?

See for more information or email to
preble at and ask about Grab It! A demo and examples are available at
the web site or can be emailed on request.

Thanks a lot for helping!

Edward Preble
preble at

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