Werissenberg data processing using DENZO - correction to previous post.

M. Hough mhh at dl.ac.uk
Mon Sep 7 04:58:02 EST 1998

I have been experiencing a persistent problem with the processing of
Photon Factory Weissenberg Data using DENZO on SGI. Consistently, all
spots beyond a certain value of the horizontal coordinate are rejected.
This occurs with all images from several data sets. Despite several
months of communication with the program author, this problem has
remained unsolved.

I have succesfully used DENZO to process a number of Weissenberg data
sets collected at the PF on previous occasions without any problems.  

As this problem has dragged on (and PhD deadline approaches), I now wish
to try another package to process this data.

Can anyone recommend the best alternative program that can deal with
Weissenberg data?


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