Save Up To 50% on Long Distance Calling !

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Thu Sep 10 06:13:07 EST 1998

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     Save Up To 50% on Long Distance Calling

- No need to switch your current provider
- No sign-up fees, or monthly fees
- Ideal for Home or Business
- Rates apply 24 hrs/day, 7 days per week
- Quality, reliable service
- Monthly call detail reports

Here is a sample of some of our rates FROM the USA To:

       International Rates (US$)  Per Minute Rates
(Commercial : 6 Sec. Billing)  (Residential :  60 Sec. Billing)

COUNTRY                            RATE  

Australia                                    .23
Belgium                                      .28
Brazil                                         .65
Canada                                       .14
China                                         .75
France                                        .23
Germany                                   .23
Japan                                        .34
Korea, South                             .41
Netherlands                              .25
New Zealand                            .28
Norway                                   .25
Poland                                     .41
Russia                                     .59
Sweden                                    .18
Switzerland                             .27
U.K.                                        .14
Venezuela                                .50

Contact us for more information at :      itc-ld at

For SERVICE information, type "info" in the subject line.

     ****** AGENTS NEEDED WORLDWIDE ********

$  Earn Extra Income $  signing up friends, family, and business 
associates.  Attractive commission rates, and NO sign-up fees.

For AGENT information, type "agent" in the subject line.

Please include your full name, when requesting agent information.

Thank You!

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