Structural Biology Postdoctoral Position

David Eliezer eliezer at
Thu Sep 10 17:37:22 EST 1998

Postdoctoral Position:  Structural transitions in cytoskeletal proteins.
Department of Biochemistry, Cornell University Medical College.

A postdoctoral position is available to characterize structure and
dynamics in native and partially folded forms of actin binding
proteins using NMR.  Specific goals address the biological function
of conformational transitions and of partially folded proteins, the
pathways for protein aggregation and amyloid formation, and the role
of folding intermediates in directing the protein folding process.

Resources include a new 4 channel 600 MHz spectrometer and newly
renovated laboratory space.  The New York City area boasts a vibrant
structural biology community.

Ideal candidates should have experience in protein biophysics or
biochemistry, protein structure determination, and/or protein
folding.  Experience with protein expression and purification,
modern triple-resonance NMR techniques and a general familiarity
with software tools are also helpful.

Interested applicants should send a C.V. and letters from two
references to David Eliezer, Department of Molecular Biology/MB2,
The Scripps Research Institute, 10550 N. Torrey Pines Rd., La
Jolla, CA 92037.  Email inquiries are also welcome at
Eliezer at Scripps.Edu.

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