Crystal size

Bhupesh Taneja bhupesh at LION.IMTECH.ERNET.IN
Thu Sep 17 08:51:17 EST 1998

Hi Friends!
    We are caught with the classical problem of how to grow larger 
crystals!  We have tried various conditions at differnet temparature, 
different concentrations of proteins using the hanging and sitting drop 
methods. The crystal sizes that we regularly get are of the order of 
0.1mmx0.1mmx0.1mm. Microseeding trilas are also underway. Can somebody 
suggest how to try to get larger crystals? 
					Bhupesh. 17-9-98.
				bhupesh at
				bhupesh at
				Bhupesh Taneja
				Graduate student,
				Institute of Microbial Technology,
				Sector 39-A,
				Chandigarh- 160 036. INDIA

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