CRUNCH Direct Methods Software for UNIX: Installation and Run-Through

Lachlan Cranswick l.cranswick at
Tue Aug 17 00:06:37 EST 1999

Based on the demonstrations given by Rene de Gelder
at the IUCr Glasgow software Fayre, there is a minor 
tutorial run-through of the  CRUNCH direct methods 
structure solution software (R. de Gelder and R.A.G. de Graaff) at:

CRUNCH has a reputation for solving difficult structures 
and is the program that solved on the  C28H37O6N structure 
problem posted by John Huffman on the sci.techniques.xtallography 
newsgroup in April 1994.
CRUNCH is quite trivial to install and run under UNIX (including the
freely available LINUX Operating System)

It is available from the following pages:
 CCP14 Mirrors:

 CCP14 Mirrors:


For those only running Windows on their PCs, there is a page on
how to create a dual boot Windows/LINUX system at the CCP14 site.
(focussed on a Toshiba Laptop, but in theory applicable to most types
of PCs(?))


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