Visualizing Structural Biology with DINO

Ansgar Philippsen aphilipp at
Wed Aug 18 12:35:00 EST 1999

Announcing new software for structural biology:

DINO, a realtime 3D visualization tool for structural biology data

Version 0.7.5 is available for free from the homepage at:

DINO aims to visualize structural data obtained from x-ray
crystallography, structural NMR, electron and atomic-force microscopy
and bioinformatics (such as molecular dynamics, structure prediction,
molecular surface calculation or electrostatic potential calculations).

DINO incorporates five different data types: structure (for atomic
coordinate data and trajectories), surface (for molecular and solvent
accessible surfaces), scalar field (for electron density, reconstructed
EM density or electrostatic potentials), topograph (for height fields
generated by AFM) and geometric primitives.

Input formats:
PDB (coordinates), CNS/XPLOR (coordinates and electron densities), CCP4
(electron densities), CHARMM (coordinates and trajectories), UHBD
(electrostatic potentials), MEAD (coordinates and electrostatic
potentials) MSMS (surfaces), MSP (surfaces), TIFF (topograph)

Output formats:
TIFF (scaleable), RGB (scaleable), PostScript, Raster3D, POV-ray

DINO uses realtime 3D visualization provided by the OpenGL library. It
runs in an X-windows environment and binaries are provided for SGI,
DEC-Alpha and Linux (i386 and PPC). The source code is not provided at
this time.

Please note that the current version is considered beta. Most planned
features have been implemented, however, and current work is dedicated
to improving code robustness, hunting bugs and implementing more

For more information and example pictures, please visit the homepage at

For comments, questions, bug reports, etc please mail to

dino at bioz dot unibas dot ch

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