Protein Refinement Methods

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Thu Mar 4 06:37:52 EST 1999

I have a question (regarding systematic/random errors in
crystallographic structures) which has been bothering me for a while:

	Suppose a raw dataset (i.e. just the collected x-ray data) was given
	to a number of different Labs to solve. What variation would you expect
	in the final results (i.e. x,y,z,bval,rfactor,occ etc) ?  Different
	groups may or may not be using the same refinement programs. Also
	variation in results may also be dependent upon the resolution of the
	x-ray data.

(I know that there are a number of cases where the same protein has been
crystallized in different crystal forms, but my question is not
addressing this.)

I hope this is not a silly question to ask ! If it has already been
addressed, I would
be grateful for the references.

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