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Fri Nov 12 23:45:07 EST 1999

Krishnan, Raman wrote:
> Help!!!! mycrystals are dissolving.
> I usually mount my crystals in a 0.7mm capillary with mother liquor/storage
> solution plugs on either side.
> The room temperatures of the crystals growth/data are same. the crystals
> have been consistently dissolving after
> 1hr of exposure to x0rays!!  I dry them carefully! the space in the
> capillary is small (levaing less room for condensation)
> suggestions welcome.
> Raman Krishnan

Hare Rama! Hare Krishna!

If the crystals are dissolving as described, I would try one 
of two things:

1)Mount them without the mother liquor/storage solution?

2)Use a longer capillary,  one end of which contains a plug of 
  suitable dehydrant, solid or liquid. If the dehydrant dries
  up the crystal too soon, use a wider (1.5mm) capillary and/or
  have an "isthmus" between the dehydrant and the crystal.


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