Krishnan, Raman RKrishnan at BIOCRYST.COM
Thu Nov 18 11:36:42 EST 1999

Dear fellow xtallographers
thanx for all the suggestions. Thanx specially to Prof. Greg Petsko for
taking his time 
and replying. The crystals have stopped dissolving after a avoided the
mother liquor/storage solution plugs...
Iam using a X1000 siemens detector (sigh!!) to collect data. The Spots
ppicks up a lot of spots but merges them to very less number of spots (> 5)
frame. In addition the programme throws away too many spots as moving on the

second pass (Frambo) . everyting was fine till last week. My crystals look
the same!!
Is there anything wrong with the detector/software?
I work with smae crystals agaian and again (thrombin/trypsin). The indexing 
consequently is amess and the R merge goes to hell!!!

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Have a nice day!!

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