DNA Structure Puzzle #8 - The Crystallographers' Paradox

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DNA STRUCTURE PUZZLE NUMBER 8    The Crystallographers' Paradox

Several teams of nucleic acid crystallographers have reported on the interconversion of the B to the Z form under very mild conditions inside fibres of drawn DNA (22,23), as well as the B to form D conversion under similar, very mild conditions (24).
The very mild conditions are interpreted by some (23,24) to mean that the B and Z forms, and the B and D forms, respectively, must have the same helical handedness. (Another team (22) seems to offer no interpretation of its observation of the B to Z transition inside a fibre.) The reversible conversion inside fibres of the A to, and from, the B form has been known for many years, and therefore the A, B, D and Z forms would all seem to have the same helical handedness.

However, there are many studies of diffraction from true oligonucleotide crystals which purport to show that the A and B forms are right-handed, for example (25,26), and purport to show that the Z form is left-handed, for example (27).

How can all the crystallographers be right ?


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26 Crystal Structure Analysis of a Complete Turn of B-DNA; R. Wing, H. Drew, T. Takano, C. Broka, S. Tanaka, K. Itakura & R.E. Dickerson; Nature Vol 287 (1980) 755 - 758 

27 Molecular Structure of a Left-handed Double Helical DNA Fragment at Atomic Resolution; A.H.-J. Wang, G.J. Quigley, F.J. Kolpak, J.L. Crawford, J.H. van Boom, G. van der Marel & A. Rich; Nature Vol 282 (1979) 680 - 686

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