Having "anonymous" problems with ftp://ftp.ccp14.ac.uk? - plus trivia query.

Lachlan Cranswick l.cranswick at dl.ac.uk
Mon Nov 22 15:37:27 EST 1999

Just a quick post that if anyone is having problems 
anonymously logging into the FTP based CCP14
software mirrors via ftp://ftp.ccp14.ac.uk; could
they feel free to pass me an Email about this.

On the ftp logs, I am seeing entries that immediately
close the session a few seconds later.  I am not sure 
if this is the behavour of some browsers; a problem with 
the FTP Deamon (ProFTPD), or maybe some problem with 
too many connections (or just probes on the server).

If you are having difficulties (after Emailing me if possible),
a workaround is to browse around via HTTP as the FTP area
is accessible via HTTP:




PS:  A trivia query as well.  Does anyone know why/what is
being sold(?) in the Bell Telephone Laboratories advertisements
in 1960 vintage Acta Crystallographica's that have
the title banner "ASSIGNMENT: HIT A TARGERT 6000 MILES AWAY".
(Acta Cryst, 10 October 1960)

It seems a strange type of advert to find in an international
crystallographic journal?  It doesn't even mention the word


Some of the starting text  of the advertisement follows for 
those who don't have easy access to old Acta Crysts.


"Can you guide a 110-ton Air Force Titan
missle far up into the sky, to bring its
nuclear warhead down with pinpoint 
accuracy on a target one-forth the way
around the globe - a target you not only
can't see but which continually moves with
the spinning earth?"

"This was the problem in missle guidance
the Air Force presented to Bell 
Telephone Laboratories...."

Lachlan M. D. Cranswick

Collaborative Computational Project No 14 (CCP14)
    for Single Crystal and Powder Diffraction
Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington, WA4 4AD U.K
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