France lacks of interest for CSD (in french, fwd)

Steve Salisbury salisbury at
Fri Sep 10 07:45:34 EST 1999

Professor Le Bail's posting is very welcome in focussing attention on
access to the Cambridge Structural Database by the academic community in
France.  We at the CCDC have become increasingly concerned about the
sharp decline in availability since withdrawal of funding by the CNRS at
the end of 1997.  57 Sets of CD-ROMs were distributed nationally for the
October 1997 release, compared to just 18 in April 1999.

We are naturally disappointed at the apparently low level of interest. 
The contrast between the present situation and that in other countries
in which the cost is borne by individual institutions is surprising.  It
is especially so in view of the impressive output of publications
involving the CSD by French authors.  My colleagues and I are doing what
we can to ensure that access to the CSD System continues to be widely
available in France.

Steve Salisbury

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