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The UCLA-DOE Laboratory of Structural Biology is seeking an experienced
Ph.D. crystallographer to help manage the X-Ray Crystallography Core
Facility. The successful candidate will train and assist graduate
students and post-docs at all levels of macromolecular structure
determination, and also assist in teaching graduate-level structural
biology courses. Also, this person will participate in our Structural
Genomics project based on the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrobaculum
aerophilum. This position represents a unique opportunity to utilize
and enhance your structural biology skills in an outstanding research

We are seeking a candidate with experience in crystal growth,
cryo-crystallography, synchrotron data collection, MAD structure
determination, high-resolution refinement, and graphical display of
structural information. The core facility has several rotating anode
generators, a Quantum 4 CCD detector, an R-Axis IV, and an R-Axis II.
The X-Ray equipment is maintained by a full time technician. Computer
facilities include 30 DEC Alphas (500 MHz or faster) under an LSF
queuing system. Each computer is equipped with fast stereo graphics for
interactive model building. The facility is also a member of the
Participating Research Team at beamline X8C of the Brookhaven National
Laboratory. This beamline is excellent for MAD data collection and is
equipped with a Quantum 4 CCD detector and several DEC Alphas for data
processing and structure determination. In addition, we also collect
X-Ray data at other synchrotron sources when necessary.

The core facility serves the laboratories of Profs. Eisenberg, Yeates,
Dickerson, and Bowie. The structural interests of these labs range from
human disease homologs and TB drug design to engineered and
hyperthermophilic membrane proteins. We also work with other UCLA
laboratories which would like to complement their work with X-Ray
crystallography, such as Profs. Hubbell, Valentine, Kivelson, and
Johnson. The UCLA-DOE X-Ray facility is one of several such resources
on campus, including an NMR facility, a biochemistry instrumentation
facility, and a protein expression facility.

For more information about the core facility, please visit our web site

To apply, please send your CV and the name, telephone number, and
e-mail address of three references. You can email this information to
Myrna Ling at ling at

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