Erratum: Available CCD Control and CCD processing/crunching software

Lachlan Cranswick l.cranswick at
Thu Apr 20 03:00:32 EST 2000

Apologies to all as there was a "strange" incorrect link under the XDS software.

The corrected infomation is given below and this is also on the 
webpage as well.

  XDS - by  Wolfgang Kabsch
    To receive information on how to obtain the XDS software 
    (is free of charge for academic users processing synchrotron data)
       E-mail Wolfgang Kabsch at: kabsch at 

Some of the information on XDS is below:

  " The program package XDS has been developed for the reduction of single-
    crystal diffraction data recorded on a planar detector by the rotation
    method using monochromatic X-rays.

    XDS is free of charge for academic users processing synchrotron data.

    At present, XDS can process images generated by the following detectors:
    SIEMENS     - (Siemens/Nicolet) multiwire detector
    MAR         - marresearch (X-ray Research) imaging plate detector (old)
    MAR345      - marresearch (X-ray Research) imaging plate detector (new)
    RAXIS       - R-AXIS2 and R-AXIS4 imaging plate detector
    MAC         - MacScience imaging plate detector, ENRAF NONIUS DIP-series
    CCDD2AM     - CCD-detector at ESRF Grenoble (beamline D2AM)
    ESRF        - CCD-detector at ESRF Grenoble (beamline 3)
    VIDEMETRIX  - CCD-detector at Brandeis (designed by Walter Phillips)
    CCDCHESS    - CCD-detector at CHESS and MAR CCD-detector at BROOKHAVEN
    CCDBRANDEIS - CCD-detector at Brandeis (1024 X 1024) and Brookhaven
    SMART       - CCD-detector at BASF Ludwigshafen (BRUKER format)
    ADSC        - Quantum4 CCD-detector at Lund (SMV-format)

    Executables of XDS are available for SGI, alpha (OSF/1), and linux
    (i686,m486) as compressed tar-files"


(again, further corrections on the above and information on any other source 
code or programs appreciated)


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