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George M. Sheldrick gsheldr at
Fri Apr 28 03:41:16 EST 2000

Paul D. Boyle wrote:
> By the way, in recent times the term 'streamlined Redhat installation'
> is becoming an oxymoron.  Lately, in my opinion anyway, redhat is getting
> too bloated and too oriented towards providing a 'desktop environment'.
> I feel a little disappointed in the direction they seem to be moving.
> Paul
> --

I agree - RedHat's game plan seems to be to 'streamline' the Linux
installation in order to appeal to Windows users and to earn money by
providing support for the things that their installation procedure
doesn't cover. This explains why their manual keeps getting smaller. We
recommend SuSE, who provide much more information and many more software
packages; however RadHat's automatic harware recognition is better than
SuSE's. It is probably worth buying a commercial FORTRAN compiler for
Linux; we used pgf77 ( to compile my own programs and
CCP4 with excellent results. The compiler is very robust and produces
faster code than g77; a full test version that runs for two weeks can be
downloaded free.

George Sheldrick

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