medical image intensifier - detection efficiency

Guido Pascale need2know at
Tue Aug 1 15:30:21 EST 2000

Medical image intensifiers take polychromatic x-radiation (transmitted
through a body part), pass it through a (CsI(Na)) photocathode which
 the x-ray "image" into an electron "image," and these electrons are
focused onto a small phosphor output screen, producing a UV/visible
light "image"
 (reduced in size, hence intensified) which is picked up by a video or
CCD camera.

 Has anyone out there, in our viewing audience, performed any studies
using such an image intensifier with MONOCHROMATIC radiation instead of
 the standard polychromatic radiation emitted by x-ray tubes?  Or do you
know of any related publications?

 I would like to learn more about medical image intensifier's detection
sensitivity for incident energies (or wavelengths) spanning the medical
 diagnostic regime (say, approximately 30 to 120 keV).

 Thank you in advance for your help.

 Guido Pascale
 need2know at

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