medical image intensifier - detection efficiency

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In article <8m7c0t$dk6$1 at>, Guido Pascale <need2know at> writes:
>Medical image intensifiers take polychromatic x-radiation (transmitted
>through a body part), pass it through a (CsI(Na)) photocathode which
> the x-ray "image" into an electron "image," and these electrons are
>focused onto a small phosphor output screen, producing a UV/visible
>light "image"
> (reduced in size, hence intensified) which is picked up by a video or
>CCD camera.
> Has anyone out there, in our viewing audience, performed any studies
>using such an image intensifier with MONOCHROMATIC radiation instead of
> the standard polychromatic radiation emitted by x-ray tubes?  Or do you
>know of any related publications?
Just look for any publications of work done in synchrotron light 
sources, what you describe is pretty standard.

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