Mike Glazer mike at oxfordcryosystems.co.uk
Wed Aug 2 08:59:46 EST 2000

We are urgently seeking a suitably qualified person with a physics
background for a two-year appointment (from Oct 1st 2000) to joing the
Crystallography Group at the Clarendon Laboratory, Physics Department of the
University of Oxford. Candidates should have a proven ability in teaching
undergraduate physics (in English!) mainly in condensed matter and will be
expected to undertake approximately 3-6 hours per week teaching, mainly in
the form of practical demonstrating, for the department. This position, the
details of which are still being fixed, will probably be a Departmental
Lectureship. It will also be associated with a College lectureship to be
held at Jesus College Oxford, for which 3 hours per week paid tutorial
teaching will be required. Candidates should also have an interest in
crystallography research in the general areas of materials science, phase
transitions, crystal optics, although other related interests will be
considered. The Crystallography Group is well equipped with a 4-circle
single crystal diffractometer with Oxford Cryostream cooling attachment,
powder diffractometer, computing and specialised optical microscopy. The
research of the group can be seen at xtal.physics.ox.ac.uk.  Salary will
probably be in the range £16000-£20000 per year; this is still being sorted
out. Candidates should in the first instance contact Professor A.M. Glazer
by email: glazer at physics.ox.ac.uk

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