Garlic - GPL Molecular Visualization Program for Linux/UNIX by Damir Zucic

L. Cranswick lzc at
Wed Dec 6 12:04:10 EST 2000

This is in the IUCr Sincris crystallographic software database 
( but have not seen
it posted on here before(?).

People with Linux/UNIX computer who have not seen this yet may 
like to try the GPL'd Garlic Molecular Visualization Program
by Damir Zucic, which is mainly built for biological macromolecules.

As this is released under the GPL (Gnu Public Licence) you get
the source code and can freely modify it to your tastes.

(screen dumps of Garlic in action can be viewed on the 
Garlic website)


Garlic Main Web site:

UK CCP14 mirror:
Canada CCP14 mirror:

FTP download:

UK CCP14 Mirror:


The site also links to a variety of other free macromolecular
visualisation programs and suites:

Free Molecular Visualization Programs for Unix and/or Linux:



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