Availability of TWIN3.0 for Windows software by V. Kahlenberg and T. Messner

Armel Le Bail lebail at univ-lemans.fr
Mon Dec 11 02:59:02 EST 2000

"L. Cranswick" wrote:

> There is also a Single Crystal Twinning Software and Web Resources
> page at:
>   http://www.ccp14.ac.uk/solution/twinning/
> If there are missing resources and programs that could be
> added, please feel free to pass this information on.

The Crystallography Source Code Museum contains TMACLE,
a crystal structure refinement program designed for crystals with
twinning by twin lattice symmetry (TLS) (no evidence for
doubling of spots).


Applications were made on 6 documented cases in the period
1989-92. But that program has not evolved and may be considered
as obsolete. It may just be interesting because the source code is
available. It was built from a multi-pattern Rietveld code, changing
the multi-pattern option to a multi twin domain option.


Armel Le Bail

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