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In the group of Wim Hol, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and
Biomolecular Structure Center, University of Washington, Seattle,
positions are available to study proteins involved in:

(1) Fe- and Mn-dependent regulation of protein expression in
Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other pathogenic bacteria of world-wide
(2) key folate pathway enzymes and other essential proteins of
Mycobacterium tuberculosis;
(3) key enzymes from the major malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum.

All projects involve teams of collaborating scientists including
molecular modelers and synthetic chemists using structure-guided
combinatorial chemistry procedures. Proteins or excellent expression
systems are available for these projects and inhibitors are being
synthesized or already available. A characteristic of the available
projects is that novel methods to modulate protein function are being

I am looking for enthusiastic and dedicated young scientists who have
experience with protein crystallography, and a keen interest in
structure-guided drug design.  Interest in major global diseases is an
advantage.  The studies encompass a rewarding set of structural problems
in an exciting multi-disciplinary environment.

Additional background information about research in the Hol lab is
available at:

Please send a letter of application, a full CV and addresses and
telephone numbers of three references to:

Wim G.J. Hol, Ph.D.
Professor of Biochemistry and Biological Structure
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
Box 357742, University of Washington
Seattle, WA  98195
Phone:  (206) 685-7044
Fax:  (206) 685-7002
hol at

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