AuBe not P2(1)3?

Cristal cristal at
Wed Dec 20 15:52:53 EST 2000

In the CRYSTMET database (1999 edition), there is nothing
more on AuBe than the structure described in the Cullity paper
of which you gave the reference :

B Cullity Trans. Am. Inst. Min. Metall. Pet. Eng. 171 396 (1947)

But if you have a sample, the cell could be checked with more
modern diffractometers...

Armel Le Bail

PS - Let me apologize for the cold reception you obtained at the
sci.technique.xtallography. It is a frozen community here if compared
to sci.chem where Uncle Al is well known... The definition of a Troll
may vary accordingly to the Newsgroup traffic (with 1 post per week at
sci.techniques.xtallography, you have to be careful with what you
write...;-). I am at least 1/2 Troll myself here (or full king size
??-). The
ISI list of the most cited chemists mentions > 650000 different names.
Probably half the crystallographers (~20000 total ?) are ranged amongst
chemists and the other half amongst physicists (against their wish to
be only crystallographers), this may generate angry reactions towards
chemists, and/or physicists, depending on individual feelings. In
France, being a crystallographer means nothing : the specialty did not
merit a CNRS full section of Science.

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