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Tue Dec 26 23:43:25 EST 2000

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Source mailbox: <IMCEAX400-c=US+3Ba=+20+3Bp=Threei+3Bo=Luxembourg+3Bdda+3ASMTP=gotmilk258+40fnballs+2Ecom+3B at>
Destination mailbox(es): <xtal-log at>,<xtal at>,<xtalker at>,<xtalwin at>,<xtant at>,<xtaran at>,<xtaskier at>,<xtauvjxtkbup at>,<xtbb38a at>,<xtbf08e at>,<xtbk63b at>,<xtbq66a at>,<xtbc at>,<netvision209 at>
Policy: Anti-Spam
Action: Quarantine

Content filter has detected a sensitive e-mail.

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