150 powder patterns in PowBase

Cristal cristal at cybercable.tm.fr
Sun Jan 2 12:30:12 EST 2000


Year 2000 may see the PDF-3 commercialized with 3000
powder patterns, I don't know.

PowBase contains now exactly 150 constant wavelength
patterns, including :
48 ab initio structure determination by powder diffractometry (SDPD)
18 neutron patterns
12 synchrotron patterns
  some unknowns and
  some unpublished (because isomorphous, etc)

For free.

It just depends on you to increase that number. 115 patterns
were from my personal collection. I have at least 200 other
in my drawers. I think that such collections exist also in
many other labs in the world. Or what are you doing each
night and week end with your powder diffractometer ??

Best regards,

Armel Le Bail

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