cleanest native to derivative scaling?

Harry Powell hrp1000 at
Thu Jan 20 05:34:14 EST 2000

On Wed, 19 Jan 2000 rshigeta at wrote:

> My scalepack from the manual's scalnatder example has a
> 5% smaller residual than naive output from scaleit, but
> it only put out a single merged F column. Is scalepack
> capable of putting out two data sets after scaling two
> files?
> If you _can't_ do that, is there a way to avoid going
> back to denzo to get rotavata output ?  This is what
> scala recommends, but I put my images
> away and I'd like not to have to reintegrate everything..
> Just wondering....

I'd recommend using MOSFLM which produces files the way SCALA likes them! 

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