Dock 4.0.1 on Alpha Platform

a. j. greenwood agreenwo at
Tue Jul 18 10:29:24 EST 2000

I have been unable to compile Dock 4.0.1 on our DEC Alpha 4100.    Has
anyone successfully compiled Dock 4.0.1 on an Alpha platform running Digital
Unix 4.0?  If so I would appreciate any suggestions you may be willing to

The main problem is that I cannot resolve the following error.

main: multiply defined
fort: Severe: Failed while trying to link.
*** Exit 1

I believe this error may be related to the fact that dock is written in both
Fortran and C.  The main routine is written in C but the linking is done
with f77.

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have the programming manuals.  I could
probably hack from now to Asilomar and not get anywhere.  Any help would be

Best regards,

Aaron Greenwood
agreewo at

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