CC-SIG meeting at ECM 2000, Nancy, France

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Fri Jul 28 19:24:40 EST 2000

(sent on behalf of Davide Viterbo,  E-mail: viterbo at

During  ECM-19 in Nancy the inaugural meeting of the
members of the Crystallographic Computing SIG open to 
all interested people has been
arranged on 

	  Wednesday 30th September 2000
	  from 1.00 to 2.00 pm.


The Agenda for the meeting is:
 -  Setting up of Committee 
       Number of Ordinary Members 
 -  Period in Office of Officers 
 -  Election of Officers 
 -  Activities of SIG 
 -  Microsymposia at ECMs 
 -  Web pages 
 -  Software presentations and evaluation 
 -  Establishing a software competition and prize 
    for 'young' crystallographers. 
 -  Software 'Fairs' 
 -  Any other business

You are invited to attend the meeting and to publicize
it among your colleagues with some interest in Crystallographic
Computing. Your help will be essential to start the SIG
activity in an efficient and fruitful way.

With many thanks and best wishes

		Davide Viterbo (Acting SIG chairman)

I remind you that in Nancy the following two Microsymposia have
been organized by the CCSIG;

Cascarano G. (Chair)
                Hot and Special Topics in Computational

D. Watkin  (Chair)
		Refinement and modelling 

Other MS of direct interest for Crystallographic Computing are:

F. Allen  (Chair)
                Data mining and data bases 

F. Larsen  (Chair)
                New developments in charge density research

V. Lunin  (Chair)
                Phasing and structure solution 

R. Spagna  (Chair)
		Telepresence/internet and remote experimental

		Davide  Viterbo
Dip. di Scienze e Tecnologie Avanzate - Università del
Piemonte Orientale "A. Avogadro" - Corso T. Borsalino 54,
I-15100 Alessandria,  Italy;  and 
Dip.  di Chimica IFM - Università di Torino - Via P. Giuria 7,  
 I-10125 TORINO, Italy.
Voice: +39-11-6707515,  Fax:  +39-11-6707855
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