CCP14 based SnB webpage mirrors and update tutorials page

Lachlan Cranswick l.cranswick at
Thu Jun 8 04:17:30 EST 2000

The SnB (Shake'n'Bake) direct methods structure solution software 
webpages are now available from CCP14 based mirrors in the UK,
Canada and Australia.  This includes tutorials, FAQs
and papers in PDF format relevant to SnB.
(Download of the actual SnB executables off the web
is still done from the US based home site)

SnB homesite:

CCP14 based mirrors:


Also, something glaringly missing from the CCP14 written
tutorial installation pages were pointers to the
SnB site tutorials pages - especially the guide on
how to optimise the SnB options for your particular
structure via the GUI interface.

These have now been added in.

SnB Tutorial Mainpage:

Guide for optimising SnB for a particular structure via the SnB GUI
(just keep on seleting "next" to see further information):


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