Wine for Crystallography (Running Windows and DOS programs on Linux)

Lachlan Cranswick l.cranswick at
Sun Jun 11 22:08:41 EST 2000

There are some new pages on the CCP14 site on compiling/install
the Wine Windows Emulator for Linux.

In theory, this allows you to run Windows programs on Linux
as though they were a native Linux binary - though with 
greater or lesser degrees of success depending on the 
software.  Keep in mind that while much Windows software
may not be 100% functional under Wine, it could give you
enough to get the job done.  Overall, a surprising number
of Crystallographic Windows programs have quite usable
functionality with some like ESPOIR and LMGP Suite software
having near perfect functionality.

Wine for Crystallography Homepage:

Installing Wine  (Redhat 6.2 - KDE and Gnome as examples)


Examples of MS Windows Crystallographic Programs running under Wine 
(and some of the problems you may encounter)

Programs tried and with install webpages include:
  LMGP Suite Software - INDX, Chekcell indexing helper tool for Windows

  ESPOIR Monte Carlo Structure Solution for Windows

  WinGX single Crystal Suite for Windows

  Powder Cell for Windows

  Winplotr/Fullprof Rietveld for Windows.  

  LZON Powder Indexing software for DOS



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