Platon for Windows varients (FTN95 and FTN77 compilations)

Lachlan Cranswick l.cranswick at
Fri Jun 16 01:31:49 EST 2000

As there have been reports of erratic problems running
Platon for Windows running on some machines  (most likely
due to tight memory and/or conflicting programs and/or
fortran compiler problems), there are now two versions
of the Win32 version of Platon that can be downloaded
from Louis Farrugia's web site and CCP14 based mirrors: one
compiled using FTN95 and the other using FTN77.
Thus if you had difficulties running Platon, try both these
versions on your Windows system.

Platon for Windows via Louis Farrugia website

CCP14 mirrors:

If problems still occur, consider trying to have only Platon
running in memory and see if this problem reoccurs.


For those who may not see downloading Platon worth the effort.
Platon should be considered mandatory for anyone 
involved in solving and refining structures from single crystal 
or powder diffraction.  One feature alone, Addsym (based on
the original Missym algorithm of Yvon LePage) could be
likened to having your own personal automatic "Marshing" 

CCP14 based tutorials guides on UNIX Platon installation
and features are available via:


The original Platon source is at Ton Spek's site
CCP14 mirrors:


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